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If we can do this, so can you
Summer's the season for entertaining and doing it in grand style means flowers. Yes, you can just stick them in a vase and call it a day...or with a little ingenuity, you can make a centerpiece that will be the center of conversation.
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A glass inside the vase provided a tunnel for our fruit. We chose limes in keeping with our green colour scheme.
  • Our vases were tall but our flowers weren't so we needed to find a way to build up the height of the flowers. A smaller vase nested inside a larger vase is a classic florist's trick. We used a drinking glass, open side up.
  • We inserted limes around the perimeter of the interior glass. You can use other citrus fruit, even cut fruit, if the diameter of your vase is small.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The limes went to the top of the interior glass
  • We bundled 20 Calla Lilies together, trimmed them, cut them, rubber banded them at the bottom and about five inches up from the bottom and gave them a "twist, " as blogged over on ATNY.
  • Calla Lilies, with their natural bend are trickier to arrange than tulips. We had to individually roll over certain stems so that they would fall correctly.
  • Once the flowers were twisted, we inserted them into the vase, aiming for the center (they wouldn't fit into the center glass, but with their soft stems, the center glass acted as a floral frog.
  • Once the flowers were in place, we cut the rubber bands.
  • We inserted four stems of Bells of Ireland into the center of the Calla Lillies
  • Finally, we filled the vases with water, just a few inches above the height of the limes, using a watering can and pouring down the center. The limes may float and bobble a little; that's okay.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Our final arrangement. Not bad for winging it!