Rental Decor on a Budget: Ideas for Using Removable Wallpaper In Small Quantities

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Removable wallpaper is one of the best things to happen to renters. The only problem is the cost of covering a whole room with it can be prohibitive. But removable wallpaper can be a budget-friendly rental hero when used in small quantities to deliver a punch of color and pattern.

Faux Window: These parents took a few temporary wallpaper tiles (Daydream in Sunshine by Hygge & West) and created the illusion of a window on the wall of their daughter's nursery.

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Faux headboard: Covering only the lower half of this bedroom wall with temporary wallpaper is economical and has the added benefit of creating the look of a headboard for this bed.

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Faux headboard twist: Here's another take on the headboard idea. In this case, a few different wallpapers were cut into a honeycomb pattern.

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Customized decals: Cut temporary wallpaper into any shape you like for your own decals. This example is in a child's room, but the same idea can be used with a more mature motif.

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Backsplash: Have a blah backsplash? This renter added several patterns of removable wallpaper to create this colorful backsplash in her kitchen.

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Closet: Decorating your closet walls may not be a high priority, but think what a small burst of pleasure this would bring each time you opened the door to retrieve something. This particular print is Arrows Scattered by Andrea Lauren.

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Customize furniture: Paint isn't the only way to transform a tired piece of furniture. Using removable wallpaper can have a similar visual impact without the permanence. This print is Tribal on Chasing Paper.

Kitchen counter: Do you have the one-two punch of a kitchen you don't love that also happens to be an open kitchen, exposed to the rest of the apartment? Steal this idea of wallpapering the outer counter to add color or dry the eye away from cabinetry you don't love.

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Storage: Storage bins are usually pretty cheap, but they don't have to look it. Cover the exposed side with adhesive wallpaper for a look all your own.

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Closet doors: Jazz up your closet doors by adding color and pattern. I believe these doors were covered in real wallpaper, but removable wallpaper would be even easier.

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Open Closet: In this example the doors were removed from the closet to better integrate it into the space, but the wallpaper still gives it definition.

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Doorframe: This use brings whimsy and pattern to an unexpected space - a doorframe.

Accent wall: If you're willing to spend a bit more, an accent wall can make a room truly memorable. This one uses a faux bois temporary wallpaper from Design Your Wall.

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