How To Wall Mount a Flat-Panel TV

How To Wall Mount a Flat-Panel TV

Sonia Zjawinski
Aug 14, 2008

Ok, we know the real reason you haven't invested in a flat-panel TV isn't because of the high price tag. It's because you're scared you won't have the skills to mount the bad boy onto your wall. Well fear not Home Depot-phobe, there's a YouTube video for everything. After the jump a clip showing you just how to get your Bob Villa on...

They make it sound so easy, but they don't get into the fact that most of us have super cheap drywall that can't handle the brunt of an LCD or plasma. We strongly suggest you talk to the trusty guys at your local hardware store and find out what types of anchors and screws you should be using to ensure your heavy investment doesn't come crashing down.

Photo: Rikkert van den Eelaart

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