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These days, our Lego pieces go everywhere with us - to the dinner table, the playground, the bath. When sticky to the touch, we usually soak them and brush scrub them with some soapy hot water but with the number of pieces we've amassed, we don't think we can keep up. While reading ParentHacks, we saw a post about a quicker way to wash Legos.

A Parenthacks reader suggests putting the pieces into a colander and covering with a plate. Then running the whole thing through the top rack of the dishwasher. Other readers have suggested putting the pieces in a lingerie mesh bag and running them through the washing machine (although some have warned against this). We like the idea of gathering all the pieces into a mesh bag and running them through the dishwasher minus the dry heat cycle. If you've got a clever way to clean Legos or similarly small piece toys, let us know your secrets!