Pet Friendly Programming on DogTV: Leave a Little Love On

Pet Friendly Programming on DogTV: Leave a Little Love On

Julienne Lin
Mar 5, 2012

Next time you need to leave your beloved pooch at home for a couple hours, along with laying out favorite toys and extra water you can also leave the TV tuned into DOGTV. For those of you with cable, DOGTV is a channel programmed specifically to entertain dogs and it's on 24 hours a day.

Animal behavior researchers for DOGTV have discovered that dogs are happier when the television is on. They have different programs that help stimulate, entertain, relax and habituate dogs while they are watching.

We're not a huge fans of anyone gluing themselves to the tube, but DOGTV is interesting because it's a possible solution for animal behavior like anxiety or attachment that many dogs experience when their owners are away. Programs with calming sounds and music help ease any anxious feelings animals get while stimulating segments with active images and invigorating sounds keep dogs excited and active.

DOGTV recommends that you watch the program with your pet to begin with until it becomes familiar with the program and can ease into it.

Would you let your dog tune into DOGTV?

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