How to Watch TV in Bed Without Disturbing Your Partner

How to Watch TV in Bed Without Disturbing Your Partner

Taryn Williford
Mar 22, 2012

We know TV in the bedroom is kind of a contentious issue here on Apartment Therapy. But judging by a small and informal survey of friends and family, there are still many folks who swear by falling alseep to the TV. If you're stuck in a house that's divided on the TV issue, try some of these strategies for sleeping next to a non-TV watcher.

Dim the TV Screen
If it's the light that primarily bugs your partner, try watching TV with a dim screen. You just need to adjust the brightness of the screen in your TV's menu to as low as you can stand it. While it makes for a terrible picture, it might be a great solution—especially for late-night watchers who mainly want the sound.

Grab Wireless Headphones
Speaking of sound, a great way to avoid disturbing your bedmate is to watch TV with a pair of headphones. You can find a pair of wireless TV headphones online or at your local big box electronics retailer. We dig this pair from Sony with a 23' range and auto off feature.

Set a Sleep Timer
If you're the type who likes to fall asleep to the TV, setting the sleep timer is a must. Leave a rubber band wrapped around your remote to remind you to turn on the sleep timer as soon as you turn on the TV each night.

Move the TV
We put this suggestion towards the end because it requires you to re-think the whole layout of your bedroom, but it's a great way to let one partner get their late night TV fix. Move the TV around so it's directly next to the TV junkie's side of the bed. They can watch while laying on their side, and it blocks some of the light and noise from the sleeper.

Watch on a Laptop or Tablet
If moving the television isn't feasable, consider getting your TV fix by watching streaming content or TV-on-DVD from a laptop or tablet perched on your nightstand. Check out these roundups of iPad and tablet stands for some help:
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