How to Whiten Woven Egyptian Cotton?

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Q: I have a huge, old, blissfully soft loosely woven, naturally off-white Egyptian cotton blanket from my childhood. It's the kind of blanket that gets better and better with every wash. However, there's one problem: It has a couple of old, set in mystery stains from when I was a kid...oops.

It's still beautiful with the exception of these kool-aid colored stains from two and a half decades ago, and really fits in with my style these days... if only there was some way to get it to a solid color.

Here's where I need help: I'm wondering if there's any way to get these really set in stains out. Would bleach help get it back to a solid color? Does anyone know if it'd just disintegrate if it got bleached? Is there any other way to get these out, years after the fact? It remains my favorite bedspread, and if it would just look t's just the right thickness to be warm when it's cold and breathable when it's hot. I just wish it looked a little less dingy so I didn't have to bury it under another blanket when I have people come over.

I attached some photos of what it sort of looked like originally, that I found online, to get an idea of what we're working with here. I really appreciate any and all ideas on how to restore my blanket!

Sent by Tyler

Editor: Tyler, I'm thinking you might try sunning it. Readers? Leave your suggestions for Tyler in the comments - thanks!

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(Image credits: Tyler Olson)