How To Wrangle the Rest of the Guitar Gear?

How To Wrangle the Rest of the Guitar Gear?

Tess Wilson
Jun 19, 2015

Q: My boyfriend and I live in a 425 square foot apartment, and along with a German Shepherd he also came with 5 guitars and an endless amount of guitar accessories (cords, pedals, amps, etc.). It's easy to hang the guitars so they look good but all of the stuff that comes with guitars is unsightly! Someone please tell me how to organize all of it so it's still accessible AND pretty. And no, I'm not allowed to get rid of any of it. Trust me, I've asked. -Sent by Dayna

Editor: Dayna, as someone who once lived in a similarly-sized studio apartment with a musician, I feel your pain- there's just so much stuff. Wise and musical readers, please help folks like Dayna and my past self!

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