How To...Ask the Right Questions When Buying a New TV

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Looking to buy a new TV, whether or not it’s a high definition set? Best Buy developed a list of considerations--besides the actual TV specs--to bring with you when you go shopping. Although this was an advertisement, we think it’s a good list and wanted to share it with you. • What is the size of your room? __ x __ • Lighting: ☐ Natural ☐ Overhead/Recess ☐ Lamps • Seating: Distance from TV – • Where will this TV be placed? ☐ Wall ☐ Armoir/Cuboard ☐ Stand • Dimensions of wall space, furniture or stand: XX x XX • What is the feel or style of the room? ☐ Movie Theater ☐ Sporting Event ☐ Quiet Sanctuary ☐ Kids’ Playroom • Who will primarily enjoy this TV? ☐ One person ☐ Kids ☐ Groups • What will primarily be shown on the TV? ☐ Movies ☐ Sports ☐ News ☐ Digital Photography • How do you currently get programming? ☐ Antenna ☐ Satellite ☐ Cable ☐ Other • What pieces of equipment do you currently own? ☐ Receiver ☐ DVD Player ☐ DVR ☐ Surround Sound Speakers

- Image by Alan D.