(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We’ve recently switched to using Method Softener Infused Dryer Cloths, because they use natural plant oils instead of animal tallow like most dryer sheets. It took getting used to the idea of using "wet" dryer cloths, but they proved to work great and smell even better.

But what to do with those 2 sheets we’re left with after each drying cycle? They seem awfully similar to Swiffer sheets, and in fact, you can use them as such. Just gently wipe them across fabrics on furniture or clothing, and the used dryer sheets do a decent job of pulling off pet hair. We’ve also put used dryer sheets with our freshly folded clothing in the drawers, to keep that fresh, just washed scent. And do you know you can even use a used dryer sheet to scrub away soap scum from shower doors? So don't throw out those used dryer sheets...reuse them!