Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Preserver

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Preserver

Feb 29, 2008

Most of the furniture in our house comes either from family or Craigslist, meaning that much of it comes to us in less than perfect condition. While in the past we turned down some pieces for being too scratched or having dull finish, since we've discovered Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Preserver we've happily accepted everything that comes across our path, knowing that a coat or two of this miracle product will make everything but the most banged-up piece of wood beautiful again.

The main ingredients are Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, and Orange Oil, although the bottle warns us that it also contains Petroleum Distillate, making this product not entirely green. While we make all reasonable attempts to use only eco-friendly products in our house, we will continue to make an exception for Feed-N-Wax until we find something green that works as well - call us shallow, but our furniture has never looked better.

Available from for $6.99, or at your local hardware store (we picked up a bottle at ours for $6.54).

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