Studiowright: Designer

Studiowright: Designer

Sep 20, 2006

How's this for a list of influences: 70's conceptual art, Chinatown, low-tech science and mathematics, pop culture, and Colonial Williamsburg?

If we read this in a bio on a dating site we'd be intrigued by the eclecticism.

As it is, it's on the website of Oakland-based artist and furniture designer Carol Wright, and if it piques your interest you can check out images of her work for immediate gratification.

We might also add "Minimalism" to Wright's list, because what we like about her work is that it's a perfect, clean foil for all the stuff that inevitably accumulates in anyone's home.

All too often artisan-designed furniture is so beautiful that it begs for a pristine environment, and that's a very hard way to live. But the beauty of Wright's tile-clad pieces is their quiet elegance, derived from the repeating grid, clean finishes, and subdued color palette.

We can imagine her tile tables used to perfection in a spa, or maybe in a residential bedroom or bathroom that aspires to feel like one.

In addition to her tileworks and custom pieces, Wright has designed a good-looking system of modular bent ply shelf pods that connect vertically and horizontally to create custom configurations, and she's currently in search of a manufacturer.

And here's a detail about the artist that we love: apparently she would be very satisfied to one day stumble on a piece of her furniture at a flea market.

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