HTML Themed Gift Ideas for Web Designer Friend?

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Q: My friend's birthday is coming up and he's a web developer who loves his work. He has a personality that drifts over into the realm of geeky (note: he has HTML coding tattoos!), but also appreciates good design. Do you have any gift recommendations for someone on a limited budget?

Sent by Hannah

Editor: Here are a few gift ideas, all for reasonable prices:

Designer Costas Papaconstantinou's “Coding Cards” drops a little humor recognizable by anyone working in the realm of web design, ready to be printed out and framed for a friend. 

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Unfortunately both of these coding themed greeting cards from Pop + Shorty are currently out of stock, but they're available as t-shirts or buttons.

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Papercactus' HTML postcard.

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The HTML Necklace by Afloat Studios.

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The Pixel Ruler by UI Stencils.

The Browser Sketchpad by UI Stencils.

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