Hunting Bears: Morrissey as a Penguin Novel & Other Re-Imagined Rock Posters

If you recognized the eyes and forehead above before you even read the word Morrissey, these posters were made for you.
Offered by a small little design website out of the UK, this collection of posters re-imagines classic rock songs.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why the internet was created! Without the internet I would have never stumbled upon Hunting Bears, a tiny web shop from a small UK-based design company called Source Creative. The shop has only 20 prints available – all in limited editions. In addition to these classic songs, there are also reinterpretations of Nirvana, Rolling Stones and John Lennon, along with a more complete set of the Morrissey Penguin-style posters.

• Check out all the artwork over at Hunting Bears.

(Images: Hunting Bears)