(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

This is a picture of my dad's living from the 1960's with original Hans Wegner folding rope chairs! I gasped when I saw this picture in an old family album and said "DAD, where are those CHAIRS!?" Alas, they are no longer in the family.

I can remember many items of furniture or household accessories that my parents have sold or gotten rid of over the years. At the time you get rid of things you can't really estimate what the value of those items might be years down the road. Almost fifty years later those chairs are the envy of many, but at the time were current and modern and would eventually fade in popularity with the next upcoming trend.

I'm curious if anyone has a similar story to share. Did your parents have a piece of furniture or home accessory that you can't believe they got rid of?

Image: 1960's Christmas Retrospective