I dream of Palm Springs: Zaitz house

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It's difficult to get an image like this in your inbox and not want to jump in your car and head straight to Palm Springs. I got an email from a friend and photographer David Zaitz last week vaguly mentioning a new rental pad he had been working on. A mid century rental? in Palm Springs? He forwarded photos and I started panting like a puppy - it's my sad reality to foam at the mouth over something like this, but I haven't had a real vacation this year I'm tired and frazzled. Just what the doctor ordered!

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as I cruised through the specs I got more excited...3 bedrooms, 2 baths, HD TV [hey, I haven't splurged for a flat screen yet this is exciting], oooh memory foam mattresses we've been wanting to try those too, potential skinny dipping opportunities. THIS, could be oodles of fun. At $395 a night starting this weekend [November rates] it definitely will require friends to accompany so skinny dipping might be out but still really affordable between three couples or a bunch of friends.

check out the full house tour even if you're not a rental-type person because this is midcentury puppy love. I mean how can you not LOVE the people mover poster-please already!