I *Heart* Cliff May

(Introducing Richele Silva, who is also auditioning for ATLA!)

Some people worship movie stars, I prefer a good architect myself.

In the early 1950’s architect Cliff May built a tract of homes in his Rancho Style, in our fair little city of Long Beach. I had a real estate agent tell me once that there in only one other like it in Palos Verdes. I’m not sure if that’s true, but according to the website ranchostyle.com he did design approximately 18,000 tract homes throughout the U.S and about 1000 custom homes as well. His forward thinking makes my heart flutter; High beam ceilings, L-Shaped layouts, lots and lots of windows.

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As a teenager I had a couple of girlfriends who lived in this section of town and I remember thinking how odd they were overall, but that I liked them. Today I would sell blood if I thought it would get me closer to owning one. Sadly, I would be dead before they got enough out of me to cover the closing costs.

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People are appreciating them more and more these days and like anything, the prices are reflecting that. A little birdy sent these photos to me. It will be on the market anytime now, and most likely will have a new owner before the sign goes up on the lawn. Sadly, it won’t be me.

Suspected listing price High 700’s - Low 800’s.

For more information on modern sales or drool factor



- Richele

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