I Heart Pia Wallen

I Heart Pia Wallen

Grace Shu
Feb 1, 2008

It wasn't until I was in a hailstorm of baby showers did I find out about Pia Wallen. I was in Oakland, at Modern Seed, and pondering how a pair of felt shoes the size of my thumb could cost $40. I bought them anyway (they were so friggin cute!), and then I rushed to find out more about the designer. OK, so I was really looking to see if she made slippers for adults (and she does! Yay!); but I was also pleasantly surprised to see her line of felt home goods.

I am coveting the Crux blanket (retailing about $700 USD, but the U.S. dollar is looking really bad these days, so it could be more), and these felt boxes would be a nice alternative to the recent trend of woven occasional baskets.

Check out more of her stuff at Pia Wallen.

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