I Would Never Rent an Apartment That…

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There are some things you learn the hard way. Many apartment quirks you learn to work around, and often love, but others are an absolute no. What's my own personal apartment "Thanks, but no thanks?" I can handle lack of closets, crappy kitchens, but when it comes to the bathroom…

I want a toilet that's seated a comfortable distance away from the wall and sink surround. I know, call me crazy, but that can seriously ruin your day. Do you have an apartment quirk that is an instant turn off?

There are some things you just learn after renting several times over and many of our readers are still new to renting and what to look for. Share what you look for in the comments below!

Image: The Dastrup's Brass is Back Four Square

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Sarah Trover has lived all across the Midwest and currently calls the hot dog-laden city of Chicago home. She rides scooters and seeks out kitchens that make the best pie.