ICFF 2007: Propeller's Picks, Part One

ICFF 2007: Propeller's Picks, Part One

Jun 6, 2007

Branch Table by Harry Allen

You probably know that Propeller was voted Best Furniture Store in the San Francisco Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay. We got to know Lorn, the owner, during our Launch Party last year -- so when we ran into him at ICFF, we managed to persuade him to tell us about some of the things he found captivating.

Here are his first three.

Lorn says, Although Harry Allen's known for his whimsical cast Banana Bowl, C'mere Hand Hook, and Bank in the Form of a Pig, his aesthetic is actually clean, simple, and rectilinear. This side table brings both his aesthetics and processes together. It's a great combination and mixture of materials. The branch, which seems to be the one thing that's natural, is actually not, it's cast of resin. The composition is also much more interesting because the branch is not coming from the center. And the shadow that's cast on the ground is beautiful; it's like a tree casting its shadow. I also love the strong grain of the piece of ash wood.

Porcelain Doll Head Candle Holder by Qubus Design

Qubus Design is in Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. I love their porcelain baby head. On some level it's tongue-in-cheek. It's a beautiful baby's face, yet it has blank staring eyes. You can't tell from the photo that the cheeks are slightly rosy. And the wax dripping on the face as the candle melts creates a beautifully eerie hairdo.

Side Table by Jason Miller

Jason Miller made an Antler Chandelier that's still beautiful while other antler pieces have lost their luster -- it really stands the test of time. He actually made originals of this table a couple of years ago, but it wasn't widespread. The table is made of dense recycled plastic so it's eco-friendly. He went all over New York and made castings of graffiti carved into wooden surfaces. He's a very conceptual designer. The table represents the world, who's out there, the way people express themselves. There's also a bench and a dining table, and they're available in blue, black, white, and a sort of terra cotta.

(Thanks, Lorn!)

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