ICFF 2007: Duffy London & Brent Comber

ICFF 2007: Duffy London & Brent Comber

Maxwell Ryan
May 25, 2007

Duffy London - If you've got a dark glam gene in your interior design makeup, we recommend checking out this cool UK outfit. Pushing the B-word (BESPOKE), Duffy does lamps, wallpaper and panels that are gratifyingly strong in contrast. We particularly liked their shades that appear black, but produce patterns when lit.


Brent Comber - Brent does a lot of beautiful work with wood, but he was showing these giant lamps at ICFF. Made of "waste" from the logging industry, these cedar stumps are turned into lighting that has a slightly Holloween feeling to it, but seemed to us very dramatic and cool in an urban environment (see pic of Dos Caminos restaurant on Park Avenue above). Or imagine one of these above the dining table in your Brooklyn open kitchen. Or how about DIY?

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