ICFF 2007: Hirohito Saito

ICFF 2007: Hirohito Saito

May 30, 2007

Dressed to match his wares, Hirohito Saito presided over his exuberantly-colored booth like the Willy Wonky of fiberglass.

His English wasn't great and our Japanese was even more wanting, but we managed to discover that these colorful tables, stools and clocks were most definitely not designed with kids' rooms in mind.

Saito's press kit states that he was inspired by a 1960's sci-fi aesthetic. Which doesn't mean that a kid wouldn't enjoy hanging out on Saito's confection-like furniture...just that he or she wouldn't get the design reference.

The Singapore-based Saito has no website, but some web sleuthing revealed that this happy collection is known, quixotically, as Rryzapte.

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