ICFF 2007: Ribbon Project's Flatware

ICFF 2007: Ribbon Project's Flatware

Jun 15, 2007

Japan's Ribbon Project is obsessed with long twirly things. This design foursome works out of Imadate-Gun, in Fukui prefecture, which is known for ribbon production. In 2002 they took it upon themselves to reinvent the ribbon -- or at least to think creatively about how ribbon materials could become the principle design element in objects for the home. Their oeuvre includes ribbon-bedecked clocks, tableware, and chairs.

With this gorgeous flatware set it looks like they've relaxed their original M.O.. a bit and branched out into ribbon-like effects.

We're really not sure how it would feel to eat with such sculpted, 3-D forks, knives and spoons, but these are the most original eating implements we've seen in a long time...and they do look like ribbons.

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