ICFF 2008: Curve Cat Bed

Most often the best solutions come from the perspective of personal problem solving. But strangely, though many designers are pet owners, pet related offerings for the home are limited at ICFF despite a dire need for us who want aesthetic options. So we were pleased when we stopped by Akemi Tanaka's booth and saw her freshly minted prototype design for a nap time spot for felines born out of her own search for a way to pamper her furry friend...

Akemi told us the impetus for this design was very simple: she couldn't find any cat beds for her own cat to rest near the window. With a little time, thought, and a bit of bent plywood, Akemi brought this prototype to showcase at ICFF. No word yet on pricing and availability, but we'll be bugging her about it as we want one for our cats. It's a fairly simple design, but remains one of our personal favourite design solutions of the show for its sheer usability and appeal to us crazy cat folks.

Check out more of Akemi Tanaka's work here.