ICFF 2008: Nicolo Taliani's Lamp #1

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Color continued to play a big part in designs at this year's ICFF, and Nicolo Taliani's lamps were a case in point. Even better in person (we'd seen them only in print), these clear glass lamps create drama out of the one thing that you usually want to see the least of...the cord...

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On top of the glass base, the lamp is controlled by a flat metal finial that turns on and off, as well as dims, the lamp.

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We predict that colored cords like this will soon be in vogue as who wouldn't want to take advantage of the decor potential of that pesky object.

We also predict that not only will this beautiful lamp soon be sold in the US, it will absolutely be knocked off for much less as such a simple, effective design such as this can't go for too long without being copied.

In the meantime, those of you who like this lamp and can't wait for it, should check out CB2's Phantom Lamp, which we've blogged earlier and could NICELY be retrofit with its own colored cord.

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