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Molo has further expanded their line of Softwall, Softseating and Urchin Softlight to include Cloud Softlight. With just four unique shapes and sizes, Cloud Softlight takes shape with various clusters — ordered by overall diameter. The lightweight and completely recyclable Tyvek forms use LED lamps.

Cloud Softlights are available individually or as 'clusters': a 4' diameter clusteris made of 3 individual pendants ($1,100), a 6' diameter cluster is also made of 3 individual pendants ($1,500) and the 8' diameter cluster includes 5 individual pendants ($3,100). For even larger installations, Molo has special software for designing custom configurations.

Cloud Softlight
Float Glassware — an entirely new direction for Molo made of hard-working and delicate German glass.

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Images: Aaron Able