ICFF: Parametre

Expand your parameters. Actually, it's expand your Parametre. We've seen how mini-blinds can be used as dividers before. We've also seen some of the light filtering materials they are available in now. But the clever folks at Parametre have taken those two concepts and brought a whole new level of architectural interest to it!

Using a paper-thin polyester material, Parametre screens have lasercut patterns. The screens are adjustable using the same fixturing as a standard miniblind. This enables them to be expandable, lightweight, and easily transportable. The results were quite striking and I can think of several places these could be used, both commercially and even in your own home. These could be particularily useful if you don't already have a foyer in your home, and want to create some sort of entryway, but are unable to do hardcore construction. Just hang one of these and instant partition! They are also available in several design patterns and colors. I'm not sure when/where they'll be available, but you can contact them via their website for more info.

UPDATE: Parametre is available now, but has a 4-6 week lead time. You can also call 1.866.512.6378 for more specifics.