I.D. Design with Conscience Exhibition

I.D. Design with Conscience Exhibition

Heather Blaha
Jun 14, 2007

Steven Burgert, CEO of I.D. Chicago, sent us some enticing photos of the current Design with Conscience exhibition (featuring work by Hella Jongerius, Stephen Burks, and Tord Boontje). If you're thinking about heading there before the show's end on June 30, take a quick peek here of what's in store:

More about the show's mission:

The mission of DESIGN WITH CONSCIENCE is to promote self-sustaining
communities of talented artisans in underdeveloped countries. A simple
model: The value of artisan – made goods has always been appreciated. But with the globalization of trade, village artisans have become divorced from their traditional markets, insulating them from the potential demand for their craft. The vision is to introduce into the world's artisan communities two essential components : the designer and the project producer.

The designer can dovetail the capacities of artisans with the needs of the international marketplace. The project producer provides the logistics, marketing, and art direction necessary to bring the work of the designer and the artisan to the consumer. As project producer, ARTECNICA partners with such nonprofit organizations as AID TO ARTISANS and the British Council.

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