Ida's Uncompromisingly Personal Parisian Apartment

House Call

Name: Ida
Location: Paris, France

I'm Swedish, and moved to Paris six years ago. I have a job that I love in interior design, which is great, but frustrating sometimes when you're constantly surrounded by beautiful things and apartments you can't afford in real life. When you're a young couple in Paris, you can see a lot of bad places, before you finally get somewhere you can call home.

This is our first real apartment, the apartment where I finally could put my own touch into decorating(I'm lucky enough to have a boyfriend that couldn't care less about interior design, so I don't have to compromise at all!). I think our apartment is a great mix between my Swedish roots and new-found French inspiration. We were on a strict budget, so it's really a mix between flea market finds, IKEA and a little help from my generous bosses. I love when people come over, and tell me that the apartment is very, very me, because I love it!

Thanks, Ida!

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