Quick DIY: Colorful Hangers

Quick DIY: Colorful Hangers

Kim Lucian
Jul 20, 2012

I came across this bright idea by Design Love Fest as I was browsing Pinterest instead of, well working on my original post. Distractions happen. The colorful hangers were, in fact, simply a prop in a post on how to take better pictures, but it's an idea that's totally worth stealing.

While I'm a little too OCD to commit my entire closet to this (read: matching black velvet slimline hangers), I do have an industrial clothing rack in my entry that this would work perfectly on. The DIY is really simple: take basic wooden hangers, lightly sand if necessary, and spray paint. The more colors the merrier, and this would be a great way to unify a mismatched set.

For more pictures, along with the complete instructions, visit Design Love Fest.

(Image: Design Love Fest)

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