Idea to Steal: Mixed Prints on Stair Risers

Idea to Steal: Mixed Prints on Stair Risers

Kim Lucian
Mar 12, 2012

I spotted this staircase with mismatched swatches of wallpaper applied to the base of each step on the cover of the spring catalog for Serena and Lilly. Here's the design details that made this look work...

1. A crisp white background lets the prints stand out, doesn't compete and creates plenty of negative space between them.

2. A simple color palette of navy and white with a shot of orange unifies the patterns and keeps things from looking too busy.

3. The patterns are all in a similar style making them feel curated instead of thrown together.

4. The creative location makes it feel fresh and unexpected.

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(Image: Serena & Lilly)

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