Ideal Bite

Ideal Bite

Sep 1, 2006

AT:Chicago scooped us.

Last week they slinked...the Chron.

AT:Chicago first wrote about Ideal Bite a couple of months ago. It's an email service that delivers daily green tips on topics such as house and home, pets, and recycling. They're short, easy to digest (sorry, couldn't resist that pun), and written in an irreverent way rather than being serious and boring. Check 'em out: the tip library is here.

In August the Chron wrote about Ideal Bite because Heather Stephenson, one of the two founders, just moved to SF to launch the company's Bay Area headquarters. Ideal Bite is growing, with plans for international expansion, a green section in Martha Stewart Living, a book, and an Ideal Bite marketplace on Amazon.

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