Ideas For Covering Window in Door?

Ideas For Covering Window in Door?

Regina Yunghans
Sep 28, 2012

Q: I live alone in an English-style basement in an urban city. I've had many people who are tall enough, whether it's the mailman, delivery people, or strangers asking for money, stand on their toes and peek into my apartment through my door window. Also, when someone is standing at ground level at the home next door, they can easily look directly into my living room, where I spend a lot of time. Call me paranoid, but I feel exposed!

Does anyone have any clever ideas for covering the windows in my door? I've tried privacy film but because of the different small shapes in the window it was challenging, and I wasn't happy with the results — too many air bubbles. Also, I would not like the solution to leave any marks on the door, as my landlords are very kind and I don't want to trouble them when I eventually move out. Thank you!!

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