Ideas For Dealing with Neighbor's Cats?

Ideas For Dealing with Neighbor's Cats?

Regina Yunghans
Mar 22, 2012

Q: I live next door to a hoarder. She has stuff all over her front porch, backyard, and the township has been to the house after complaints from her family and neighbors. I understand that this is a psychological problem and try not to get involved, although it is a major eyesore.

However, her cats are my real issue. She has about 10 cats, all of whom are outdoor, and are constantly on our porch, in our backyard, in the flowerbeds, screeching outside our windows at night, and so on. I have tried to talk to her and get nowhere. The township claims that they are not being abused and there is nothing that can be done. I am not going to move because of this issue (love my house, love the area, finances, etc.) but I need to get these cats away from my house--the poop, the noise, the annoyance of having someone else's "pets" in my yard is getting to be too much! Ideas?

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