Ideas for Decorating Dorm Room on a Budget?

Ideas for Decorating Dorm Room on a Budget?

Regina Yunghans
Jun 8, 2012

Q: Help! I want to redecorate my dorm room which is 2.5 x 3 m (8 ft x 10 ft). I have a bathroom inside my room that is 2 x 1.2 m (6.5 x 5 ft). This small dorm room is hard to decorate because I can't paint the walls, and have to use the high one-door wardrobe (since I can't put it elsewhere).

I have a rack (4' x 1.5'), a mattress (modern cot: 76 × 188 cm), and a one-door wardrobe (2' x 6'). As you can see from the picture, the door directly faces the bathroom, which makes it even harder to redecorate.

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