Ideas for Living/Dining Layout in Open Square Room?

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Q: I just moved into an open, loft style condo. I love all the space, but my living room/kitchen is just one big open square, and I don't know what furniture to get or where to put it! The space is an approximaetly 15'x18' open area. One wall is all floor-to-ceiling windows and opens to a balcony, and the opposite side is an entrance to the room and then counter area/open to the kitchen (no floor-to-ceiling walls). I have two solid walls to work with (see attached floor plan pics):

The furniture: I have one couch that I plan to replace in the next year. I don't own a kitchen table or media stand yet, so I could get anything.

The ideas: I thought of putting a long kitchen table to the left, having a couch in the middle of the room, and entertainment center on the right wall, but I think that could just be too much furniture/ too cramped with no room to walk.

Another idea was to get a round kitchen table and have the couch on one wall and the table/entertainment center on the other wall, but then the couch is way too far from the entertainment center and I have a lot of awkward space in the middle of the room. There's also no real division of the eating area from living area.

I am not really happy with either solution I've come up with, so does anyone have tips on how to make this work? Or any creative people out there who can think outside the box and help me find a fabulous solution that makes the most of the lofty space and divides the room in a way that flows and makes sense? Please help!

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