Ideas for Personalizing Faux Leather Tablet Cover?

Ideas for Personalizing Faux Leather Tablet Cover?

Regina Yunghans
Apr 24, 2014
(Image credit: Jen)

Q: I recently bought my first 10-inch tablet. I needed to buy a wireless keyboard and case combo to go with it, so I did. Unfortunately it only came in boring black faux pebbled leather... something I'm not exactly jazzed to be seen carrying around (not to mention it would look just like everyone else's).

(Image credit: Jen)

Any suggestions on how to DIY personalize faux leather to make it my own? I've seen a few tutorials for painting faux leather with fabric paint, but I was hoping for something more original, like stamping/embossing (which you would do with real leather) or maybe stenciling somehow to put a design on it. It would be really great to hear some of your creative ideas! Thanks!

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