Ideas on How To Finish Table Made in Class?

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Q: I recently finished an evening class in furniture making, where we learned a number of joints and techniques using this small table pattern. The legs and rails of the table are a lovely maple wood but the top, which I'm not so fond of, is an oak veneered mdf supplied by the college. I'm mostly not keen on it because the two woods don't match:

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I still have some finishing touches to make to the construction, like sanding and planing down the top (that's if I keep the top at all) so I thought now would be a good time to think about what I might do to really make this rather plain table lovely and my own.

One idea I've had is to add a white marble top for it, to give it a bit of a luxe feel. Finding a single marble tile that would fit would probably be the most economical way to do this (the top is 385mmx385mm), but all the tiles I'm finding are either way too big or too small to cover it in one.

Other than that I'm open to ideas! Thanks in advance.

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