If the President Has 'The Button,' You Have 'The Switch'

You know that button? The one that the president can push at any time to basically alter the course of history? Well, we know that in the big picture what we do at home in our media rooms is only slightly less important that what the president has to deal with, but it doesn't mean our controls have to feel any less kick ass. If you want to feel like the prez or a super spy every time you power on your plasma, think about shelling out the dough for this gold- or chrome-plated remote light switch encased in a magnetic Lucite box.

Control any light fixture or electrical device up to 100 feet away with this wireless switch from A+R, encased in its very own sleek Lucite box with magnetized lid. Available in Chrome for $150 or in the Limited Edition 14K Gold (youll have to jump on it if you're into the gold, only 500 were made) for $250.