Home Tech Ideas to Steal from the IKEA 2012 Catalog

Home Tech Ideas to Steal from the IKEA 2012 Catalog

It is no secret that we are pretty big fans of IKEA here at Unplggd, so it should come as no surprise that we found quite a few ideas in the new 2012 catalog that we want to steal. The stylists at Ikea have done a great job and their work in the 2012 catalog provides plenty of inspiration for the home office and living room entertainment spaces.

1. Use a window shade as a projector screen: The first thing we noticed when looking at this room was the unconventional arrangement of the furniture, but the next detail that caught our eye was definitely the projector screen. Upon a closer examination, we noticed that it looked like a rolling window shade, the kind that can be easily found inexpensively at a local hardware store. Why didn't we think of that?

2. Entertainment unit storage does not have to be just for DVDs: With closed doors, sliding or hinged, visitors will not need to know that this is unit plays host to clothes and shoe storage that does not fit very well in that tiny closet in your small apartment.

3. Large coffee tables can be a triple threat as storage, workspace, & decor: We usually balk at the idea of large coffee table, but after seeing how well this could work and thinking about how often we work in groups on the couch we realized that perhaps it is time to rethink life sans coffee table. The large coffee table offers amble storage and workspace that you just don't get with a TV tray.

4. Keep exposed home office items looking neat with multiple matching containers: As Janel pointed out in her IKEA 2012 catalog post for Apartment Therapy, multiples are everywhere in this catalog and they look great. Multiples cut down on "visual noise," yet give you ample space to store all those home office essentials. You can see this in action in the 2nd image above in a real world space from The Orange Door.

5. A living room entertainment center does not have to mean a sofa + loveseat: We love the breakup of entertainment seating options that happen when deviation from the sofa + armchair model occurs. By opting for ottomans as opposed to a second sofa or loveseat seating is more flexible and it's easier to rearrange for movie nights, gaming, and conversation.