Using Curtains to Divide Space

Using Curtains to Divide Space

Sarah Coffey
Jun 23, 2008

Reading Dezeen, we were intrigued by this Japanese home which uses curtains and lighting to divide the space in unique ways. Click below for links to instructions for hanging curtains this way in your own home...

These photos reminded us of a post Maxwell did a while ago explaining How to Hang Curtains Across Any Space. All you need is a cable line, turnbuckles, rope clips, and screws (and, of course, the curtain).

The thing that we really love about this house is the way that curtains replace walls, letting light filter through the rooms with different degrees of transparency...

Designed by Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori, the "Kuro" house (Japanese for black) is dark on the outside and white on the inside. For more information and photos from Dezeen, click here.

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