IKEA 2013: What's In It For the Kids?

IKEA 2013: What's In It For the Kids?

Carrie McBride
Jul 24, 2012
The most kid-friendly addition to the PS collection are these new bamboo and steel side tables - plain or with four bowls.

The release of the new IKEA catalog has become a rite of summer. Janel highlighted some of the best ideas from their stylists to try at home and Max described some of his favorite products from the press preview. I'm most interested in what's new for kids.

Compared to past years, there really aren't many new kids products in the 2013 catalog. (Although IKEA does sometimes roll things out during the year that don't make it into the catalog.) The standouts come from the anticipated PS collection.

Above are my picks for the most interesting family and kid products in the 2013 catalog as well as a notable price reduction on the Duktig play kitchen.

The catalog is already landing in mailboxes around the country, but you can also view the digital version here.

(Images: IKEA)

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