10 IKEA Products Turned Into Dollhouses

Once upon a time IKEA sold a full-fledged dollhouse, but, for reasons only IKEA understands, it was discontinued. As we all know, part of the fun of IKEA is to reimagine and customize their products to your own needs which is exactly what parents have done to create dollhouses for their children. I found ten examples of ten different IKEA products turned into miniature playscapes, check them out:

Project by: IKEA Family
Product used: STUVA cabinet

Project by: Mieske Klomp
Product used: HENSVIK cabinet

Project by: IKEA
Product used: IVAR cabinet

Project: via Mommo Design
Products used: LACK shelves + FORHOJA wall cabinets

Project on: The Shopping Mama
Product used: EXPEDIT bookcase (now called KALLAX)

Project by: Call of the Small
Product used: LEKMAN box

Project by: Mommo Design
Product Used: SOCKER greenhouse

Project by: Mama.Papa.Bubba
Product used: BESTA shelf

Project by: The Tamara Blog
Product used: BILLY bookcase

In case you're interested, IKEA does currently carry a dollhouse: a foldable cardboard one → the SPEXA.

(Image credits: IKEA Family; Mieske Klomp; Ambrosia Creative for iVillage; IKEA; via Mommo Design; The Shopping Mama; Call of the Small; Mommo Design; Mama.Papa.Bubba; The Tamara Blog)