IKEA Dressing Table Turned Keyboard Tray Desk

IKEA Dressing Table Turned Keyboard Tray Desk

Julienne Lin
Aug 8, 2011

We prefer desks that come with keyboard trays; there's something nice about being able to access the keyboard when needed, and then sliding it back in, out of sight after we're done working. We came across this IKEA hack where a dressing table is repurposed as a desk, offering this hideaway features...

The beauty of IKEA products is they are usually inexpensive enough to mess with. We were drawn to the cleverness of repurposing IKEA's MALM dressing table into a desk because it works so perfectly in smaller home spaces. Jules needed a workstation substantial enough her monitor and speaker system, but was still slim enough to fit in the corner of her room.

The MALM dressing table costs about $130 (we might have gone with the white one versus the wood). Jules adapted the drawer of the table to become a hidden keyboard tray, which required some carpentry including hefty cabinet 180 degree hinges, a 35mm drill bit and a custom cut piece of mdf (wood) that Home Depot cuts for free.

The full breakdown on the making of the desk is here.

[Via Ikea Hackers]

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