IKEA Hack Flashback: Flipped Tertial Lamps Become Single Ceiling Light

We've written about a similar IKEA hacks before, and it's worth another mention. At just $8.99 each, the Tertial task lamp is an affordable lighting option for the home office. With a few adjustments, you can install three upside down to create a custom lighting solution — reminiscent of a Serge Mouille-style chandelier, with its gangly reach, positionable arms, and warm indirect lighting. Here’s how reader Nicole and her brother recently did it:

Nicole spray painted the individual lamps first (which is of course optional if you like the original silver). Nicole’s brother took a 9” round wooden board and drilled a series of holes: three for the individual lamps and three to attach the entire light to the ceiling. He then drilled a hole in each lamp foot — or, the silver part that inserts into the clip base — and secured them to the round board with nails acting as pins. (For more detail about this process, check out this old Ikea Hackers post. The images are broken but are still available via Technobob.) Lastly, they pinched the plugs off the cables and connected them with one luster terminal.

To install the light, Nicole drilled holes in her ceiling then held the lamp as her brother wired it. Lastly, the entire light was screwed into the ceiling.

(Image credits: Nicole Siegel)