IKEA Hack: How to Make a Moroccan Style Pillow from $2 Dishtowels

Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorial

Gah! Summer sent over this oh-so-simple IKEA hack that's a perfect quick project. I had a slap-myself-on-the-forehead kind of moment, because why didn't I think to do that? Summer also added a kind-of-genius twist at the end, utilizing those fabric loops on the dishtowels, originally used for hanging in the kitchen. Check it out.

The great thing about using these IKEA dishtowels is that they are perfect for making a standard size pillow. You can use any extras you have hanging around for guests.

What You Need


  • Two IKEA TEKLA dish towels
  • Eight yarn pompoms/tassels
  • Thread


  • Needle or sewing machine
  • Scissors


1. First, cut off the IKEA tags from each of the dishtowels. But! Leave the fabric loops in tact.

2. Lay one ironed towel face side up, then pin two pompoms on each corner, each facing toward the inside of pillow. Stitch those in place.

3. Repeat until all eight pom poms are in place in each corner.

4. Pin second towel face side down on top of the first, right sides together, sandwiching the pom poms in between. Make sure the hanging loops on each towel are on the same side!

5. Stitch all the way around, leaving the 8" open in the center of the end with the loops. Flip inside out.

6. Cut each loop in half at its center. Insert your pillow through the opening and tie the cut loop ends together to form a closure!

Many, many thanks to Summer for the great idea! She has more photos and details over on her blog, Modernhaus, so head over there for the inspiration.

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(Image credits: Modernhaus)