IKEA Hack: Randy's Girlfriend's Bookshelf

IKEA Hack: Randy's Girlfriend's Bookshelf

Janel Laban
Jan 19, 2007

Randy is a Chicago furniture designer. His girlfriend wanted him to make her a bookshelf but he put it off. Not so good - she went to Ikea instead. The happy end result? A nice-looking Ikea Hack.

Here's the story, as sent in by Randy: Furniture Designers' (moi!) girlfriend gets sick of waiting for Boyfriend (moi) to make her a bookshelf.Girlfriend threatens to "go-to-IKEA,-and-put-it-up-myself" !Lightbulb goes off in B.F's head! IKEA HACK!

She wants the bookshelf to be taller- it won't stretch.
Looking at the width of the EXPEDIT bookshelf- I realize that steel tubing comes in the same width. 2 inch square.

So, in record time (did I mention the hurry-up-and-RUSH, component?- Girlfriends letting her GalPal use her pad for the holidays!)- I made a Parsons-esque base- bought Home Depot "hockey puck"
Halogens (pack-o-3 =$30.00)- and quickly added a Black Patina finish, with a quick coat of PermaLac sealer.

Then installed it/anchored it to the wall.

I recommended the cube-ettes, Room and Board knock-offs, for $69.00 (from Linens & Things) each versus Room and Board's Leather ones at $499.00...and that's the story!

Thanks to Randy (and his girlfriend) for sharing the details of the project!

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