How To Turn $8.99 IKEA Desk Lamps Into Wall Lamps

How To Turn $8.99 IKEA Desk Lamps Into Wall Lamps

Janel Laban
Feb 9, 2010

We've featured great projects from Splatgirl before - you might remember these colorful ones or this countertop tutorial. A seemingly never-ending wellspring of creativity and fearlessness combine to make her a perfect DIY role model...

And we like her no-nonsense attitude - about finding wall mounted light fixtures that she liked, she says, "'s one of those categories of lighting where there's just not that much available to choose from to begin with, and where to get something cool, you've got to spend a fortune. And I say boo to that."

Photos shown above, left to right:
1) After: the media room with lights Installed
2) The about-to-be-hacked $8.99 TERTIAL lamp from Ikea
3) "Take a deep breath" and cut off the plug
4) Wiremold cord channel installed
5) Add new replacement cord ends and paint the wiremold for a very finished look.

Check out the full postwith all the info on the project at Modern in MN.

Photos: Splatgirl at Modern in MN

(Originally posted 2.24.09 - JL)

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