IKEA Hacker: A Cheap, DIY Headphone Stand

IKEA Hacker: A Cheap, DIY Headphone Stand

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 29, 2008

It's true - those professional-looking headphones look great, but only when they're tucked away or hanging from a beautiful headphone stand and not sprawled all over your desk like a dead rabbit. No wait, we love rabbits, seriously. But that doesn't fix your headphone problem. Luckily, Wiretap from IKEA Hacker has a solution to enlighten us all.

Here are a few parts you'll need:

Main stand portion: Bjarnum Shelf Bracket 11''
Headphone holder post: Capita Leg 4''
Wire wrapping posts: Attest Knob

The idea is to drill a bunch of holes in the main bookshelf stand and use those as the primary hook for your headphones, with the smaller hooks for (we're guessing) some sort of wire management solution. Either way, it looks a whole lot better than having a fat pair of headphones taking up room on our desks, so cheers!

[via IKEA Hacker]

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