Inventive Ways to Use IKEA's IVAR All Over the House

Inventive Ways to Use IKEA's IVAR All Over the House

Dabney Frake
Mar 16, 2016
(Image credit: Hello Lidy)

The IVAR system is, by design, modular and customizable — which makes it particularly fun to see all the ways it gets wrangled and reshaped by its buyers. It turns out there's a use for it in pretty much every room in the house.

Above, Hello Lidy used the IVAR rails as a base to create this Danish-inspired shelving unit. The modular cabinet her husband added is particularly impressive.

(Image credit: Mokkasin)

This folding screen was made from IVAR parts and a little bit of William Morris pattern fabric by Mokkasin and can be used anywhere you want to hide clutter.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Adam & Daniel's "Boclectic Craftern" Loft uses a plant-filled shelving unit as a room divider in their open-plan apartment.

(Image credit: Studio Moore)

Two towers supporting a long flat surface become a super functional desk in the home of stylist Andrea Moore, as seen on Estilos Deco.

(Image credit: Livet Hemma)

Leaning ladders are great impromptu storage units that also look decorative, like this one from Livet Hemma made from IVAR side units. It's a perfectly pretty solution for extra clothes lying around in the bedroom.

(Image credit: Style By Emily Henderson)

When arranged all in a row, IVAR provides endless affordable storage for props and supplies for Joy Cho in her studio. All the bright color really stands out against the neutral wood.

(Image credit: Sweet Magnolia)

Adding legs, then painting it blue, turns IVAR cabinets into a dining room credenza that looks chic and functional in Caterina's home.

(Image credit: IKEA Hackers)

A simple curtain is added to this shelving unit to create space-saving storage in Natasha's New York City apartment. Via IKEA Hackers.

(Image credit: IKEA)

The IKEA catalog itself holds a wealth of ideas. Here a basic unit becomes a useful kitchen organizer, with a wealth of storage opportunities.

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